Elissa Fisher Harris

”Santa Rosa Sunset” - song written by Zara Nunn

honored in partnership with United Nations Decade of Women and University of Wolverhampton

Elissa Fisher Harris is an experienced Well-Being and Social Impact strategist in Health, Wellness and Natural Products Industries and a well-being lifestyle expert brand spokesperson. With a 28 year career and personal history establishing herself as a well-being/purpose expert, Elissa's vast knowledge, hands on experience with individuals and corporations and her intuitive understanding of consumer and company needs led to additional acquired skill sets in marketing, branding, consumer communications, sales management, business development, public speaking and brand education for both public and trade audiences. Elissa has owned a Healthy Living Strategy Consulting company for 25 years. Holding dual certifications in Corporate Wellness and Individual Wellness Coaching, she developed integrative healthy living programs for individuals & corporations. For 10 of those years Elissa also advocated for cancer patients and their families, educating them about healthy living and integrative medical care and matching them with licensed integrative health care professionals and centers all over the world. She has also been invited to speak at multiple organizations and events about her life story and all topics related to achieving sustainable physical, emotional and environmental health and well-being. Elissa’s passion for all things wellness and healthy living was a direct result of resolving her own health issues in her 20’s then later in life by the age of 34 loosing 2 husbands to the same rare cancer that only affects 10,000 per year in the U.S. and is often attributed to environmental causes and toxic foods. Elissa’s extraordinary knowledge of all things health and wellness, combined with her warm, genuine and inviting personality that connects well to all audiences led to regular monthly guest spots as corporate/individual health & wellness expert and brand wellness spokesperson on nationally syndicated radio shows like Business Rockstars and Let’s Talk Nutrition.