Video Pals (V-Pals)

The Canales Project is excited to announce our newest, free and simple 2017-2018 international education program, “Video Pals (V-Pals)!” As you know, TCP is committed to using the power of the arts to touch hearts, examine belief systems and find those common bonds that link all of us and help us overcome our differences. Our “V-Pals Program” will not only expose participants to new professional artists and cultural identities, but it will also encourage and inspire them to artistically and creatively cross identity and cultural barriers with the intention to connect to and learn about new communities and ways of life.

Featuring our very own internationally known opera singer and TCP Founder, CEO, and Artistic Director, Carla Dirlikov Canales, as well as various artists throughout the school year, “V-Pals” will incorporate the cultural backgrounds and travel experiences from each of artists to give participants a broader understanding of the different cultures we encounter in our world. Working with a number of schools and organizations, “V-Pals” will not only educate and engage a wide range of participants about different parts and cultures in the world, but it will also inspire them to continue to be inquisitive about other cultures, ethnicities and lifestyles while teaching them how to cross barriers related to identity and culture artistically and creatively.

This free, interactive, video-based program will challenge participants to explore music and art as tools to help break down cultural identity barriers and make the journey from “the other” to the “all.” Please continue to follow our TCP website and social media in the following weeks and months for more updates and information regarding the V-Pals Program. To inquire about participating in “V-Pals,” please email TCP’s Education Program Director & Coordinator, Georgia Sedlack, at

2017-18 Artists




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Carla Dirlikov Canales