Hear Her Song...

A celebration of the choices of extraordinary women

Presented in partnership with Vital Voices

Hear Her Song... is a new initiative by The Canales Project to celebrate and give voice to the stories of women who are helping other women worldwide and changing the world for the better. The project brings together artists in order to create songs, performances and recordings that offer new, enduring and powerful insights into the nature of women’s leadership and the challenges women face worldwide. In partnership with Vital Voices, this initiative is also intended to create opportunities for emerging artists. 

Hear Her Song... was launched on March 7th at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. with an event which featured the premieres of four new songs, each created as a tribute to the Vital Voices 2017 Honorees listed below:

Human Rights Award | Nadia Busnaq, Founder & Executive Director of the Family Guidance and Awareness Center (FGAC), Jordan | An equal rights advocate from Jordan who offers refugees access to justice and counseling.
Jennifer Jolley, composer of "Shine a light on our rights"
Elizabeth Stanley, performer
Light of Freedom Award | ElsaMarie D’Silva, Co-founder and Managing Director of Safecity, India | A digital activist who uses crowdmapping to expose harassment and respond to sexual violence in India.
Emily Koh, composer of "Be bold // Stand firm"
Angela Grovey, performer
Leadership in Public Life Award | Chief Theresa Kachindamoto, Senior Chief of Dedza District, Malawi | A Malawian Senior District Chief who is singlehandedly reversing harmful cultural practices that keep girls out of school.
Kelly Moran, composer of "(in) your hands"
Carla Dirlikov Canales, performer
Economic Empowerment Award | Ariela Suster, Founder & Creative Director of Sequence Apparel LLC, El Salvador | A social entrepreneur who is disrupting El Salvador’s gang culture by employing and educating at-risk youth.
Molly Joyce, composer of "Redesign Our Time"
Carla Dirlikov Canales, performer
Jacqueline Suskin, Poet/Lyricist for all of the songs of this first cycle.