The Cultural Entrepreneurship Fellowship was formed by The Canales Project because of the divisions in our country and in the world today. We believe there is special urgency to our mission of leading people on what we describe as "the journey from the other to the all." In other words, we are looking to use the arts and collaborations with wonderful artists and entrepreneurs to create bridges and foster mutual understanding.

The objective of the Fellowship is to help lay the foundation to ensure the success of these fellows entrepreneurial projects. They have been selected because we believe in them and want to support the work that they are doing. Through the fellowship they will receive mentorship and guidance in the areas of business management, fundraising, marketing/branding, strategy, and execution. As part of this fellowship opportunity they will also be invited to the CultureSummit Abu Dhabi, taking place April 9-13, 2017.

Through The Canales Project we are also envisioning a longer-term goal of creating a community of like-minded artists who are interested in social impact through the arts and who are committed to promoting cultural understanding. We embrace these fellows as new membesr of the TCP family!